13 May 201622 December 2021

FEED – Building Acquisition

FEED – Building Acquisition


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Feed aims to lead the fight against hunger in the county of Riverside. For this purpose, we gather as one every year and pick a city – belonging to the county of Riverside – to go in the streets and operate donations. Those donations include necessity items such as blankets, socks, gloves, beanies, scarfs, toothbrush, deodorant, sweaters sleeping bags and much more. We also take advantage of this moment to pray with each and every individual who desires so and share a word of God. Likewise, it is an opportunity for us to share our stories and listen to them to connect and try to find more efficient solutions to end their homelessness. Therefore, we were able to establish a network of homeless people with a strong determination to get off the streets and in the professional world again.

For this ultimate purpose of social reinsertion, our current assets are limited. That is why the acquisition of a building becomes a priority for us to achieve our goals and save those determined lives. This building will then serve as a dormitory, cafeteria, teaching and coaching center, basic professional training center and much more, with a strong foundation in the Word of God to trigger the renewal of mindsets for a healthier, more joyful, peaceful and productive life thereafter.